Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Trying New Things..

Well, I love to try new things.. those who know me are aware of this.. I have been trying lots of new things this past week.. I am not sure if I like it anymore!
My Mom has expressed to me that I am hovering and she doesn't feel like I am letting her do anything on her own. I think she might be right. She had a stroke and I worry.. I worry she will have anther. I worry she will fall (again) I worry that I will be without her much too soon. Last night she vacuumed for the first time. She accidentally sucked up an entire roll of my ribbon that was on a dowel near the floor. I went off. I pouted and stomped off. I went downstairs to get it out of the vacuum (we have Central Vac) and she turned it back on... So I stomped back upstairs and yelled.. I shouldn't have. I shouldn't have acted like such a jerk but I did. Now I am trying to let her do her own thing and not "advise" her of what or how to do anything. It is SO hard. I am not one to mind my own business.. I have to learn I guess.. It will be a lesson that I need to learn.. We will see how it goes. I am getting my own place this year.. Maybe it will be the best thing for both of us. It will be so hard though. I have been here since I was ill. 2001.. that is a long time. It is the best I and I know it. We will see how it goes.. Pray for me.. us.

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