Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What a day. RIP MJ...

I wish I thought about this blog more often. I don't think about it at all unless something comes up like a contest or a really special event.

I want to say that I spent the day sleeping, waiting for FedEx to deliver my new LG phone (it's cute) and watching Michael Jacksons memorial service.

I will start with the light stuff.. I finally forced myself to go to bed at 5AM! I got so stuck (addicted?) to this computer and can't turn it off.. I slept until 1PM! ugh.. I only had one thing to do today and that was sit and wait. My new cell phone was delivered today and FedEx is not predictable like UPS is. UPS comes at the same time every time but FedEx seems not to run that way.. they got here at4PM. Personally I like UPS better.. only because the uniforms look so sexy on my delivery person! lol

So, I got the LG EnV2. If you need my new cell # email me and let me know.. I swear I will even answer this #!

Now, onto the heavier stuff. I feel sad and ashamed in regards to Michael Jackson. I am ashamed because I turned on the memorial service to see the "circus". I really expected to see a joke, a media circus. I was pleasantly surprised to see a tasteful, thoughtful service. I realized that I am one of the people who love to see people fail. That makes me sad. I am also sad because I remember when MJ was the greatest! I was the president of the Michael Jackson fan club in 3rd grade! We used to meet on the wall in back of the school at lunch and recess. I couldn't for the life of me remember the names of my fellow members. We even had membership fees! 50 cents a week! lol

One funny story I have of MJ. I had a HUGE poster of MJ (if you remember any of the more famous pictures it was the one of him in the yellow sweater) on the inside door of the downstairs bathroom. It was right off the kitchen. Why Mom and Dad let me put it there I have no idea. Anyway, my Aunt Margaret use the bathroom and the door opens, shuts then we hear a scream! She thought there was someone there watching her! too funny. I had a chuckle when I thought of that the other day. She passed away a few years ago and I wondered, if there is a heaven where everyone hangs out int the afterlife, have they met?