Monday, November 13, 2006

I am so tired..

It is 6:21AM Monday morning. Normal time to be awake yes? Not for me. I normally don't go to bed until 2 or 3 AM and wake up at about 10 or 11AM . 7-8 hours of sleep.. that is normal I just have different hours than many people. This morning however I am still awake.. yep.. I woke up yesterday morning and have gone straight through... why would anyone do this? Well... I forgot I had an appointment to have Dish come and hook up satellite in 2 more rooms (yep.. satellite tv in 5 rooms.. who the heck needs that? Apparently we do.. of course we only have 4 tvs'.. I guess I know what we are getting for Christmas! lol) So, why the all nighter? I had to power clean this house! It was horrible! Boxes of stamps and ink were everywhere! I got 1 bedroom and the kitchen pretty good but I still have to get the craft room straightened up. I am thinking this morning calls for fast food breakfast! I never eat fast food especially not for breakfast (obviously.. I am usually not awake for fast food breakfast hours! lol) but I think I need a pick me up.. I am going to be faded by 10AM if I don't do something. This is going to be a long day!
I needed to clean though. Mom will be home in about a week and she needs to get around our tiny house in a walker or wheelchair if necessary for awhile.. I haven't seen her all weekend. She says she feels really strong. I hope she is right and she is getting back to normal. I would love to see her enjoy life. Keep your fingers crossed!