Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just a Hello..

I have nothing spectacular to post. It snowed here in Connecticut finally! Twice! It was super exciting since I have been waiting for snow since November! Unfortunately both times it snowed it was the middle of the night! I couldn't take a good picture and then in the morning it wasn't enough snow to make a pretty picture! Oh well.. I am sure we will have at least one picture worthy snow storm! Probably on a day I have to go out! lol
I am excited for tomorrow! I have an eye doctor appointment at Sears. They have a $99 sale on glasses this month. I love the glasses I have now. I think they look fantastic but they pull my hair out on the left side! The arm moves just a little and when I take them off my hair comes with it! YIKES! Since I have been getting my hair highlighted lately I think I will stick with the tortoise shell look. I would love to get contacts but they just never work out well for me! Glasses are just easier for a lazy person! lol
So hopefully I will be able to post a few pictures of my latest creations tomorrow! I am in two Valentine secret sister groups and have been busy making things for my two lil' cupids! *wink*
I really like what I have done and am dying to show you!! Come back tomorrow to see!

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