Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What a day. RIP MJ...

I wish I thought about this blog more often. I don't think about it at all unless something comes up like a contest or a really special event.

I want to say that I spent the day sleeping, waiting for FedEx to deliver my new LG phone (it's cute) and watching Michael Jacksons memorial service.

I will start with the light stuff.. I finally forced myself to go to bed at 5AM! I got so stuck (addicted?) to this computer and can't turn it off.. I slept until 1PM! ugh.. I only had one thing to do today and that was sit and wait. My new cell phone was delivered today and FedEx is not predictable like UPS is. UPS comes at the same time every time but FedEx seems not to run that way.. they got here at4PM. Personally I like UPS better.. only because the uniforms look so sexy on my delivery person! lol

So, I got the LG EnV2. If you need my new cell # email me and let me know.. I swear I will even answer this #!

Now, onto the heavier stuff. I feel sad and ashamed in regards to Michael Jackson. I am ashamed because I turned on the memorial service to see the "circus". I really expected to see a joke, a media circus. I was pleasantly surprised to see a tasteful, thoughtful service. I realized that I am one of the people who love to see people fail. That makes me sad. I am also sad because I remember when MJ was the greatest! I was the president of the Michael Jackson fan club in 3rd grade! We used to meet on the wall in back of the school at lunch and recess. I couldn't for the life of me remember the names of my fellow members. We even had membership fees! 50 cents a week! lol

One funny story I have of MJ. I had a HUGE poster of MJ (if you remember any of the more famous pictures it was the one of him in the yellow sweater) on the inside door of the downstairs bathroom. It was right off the kitchen. Why Mom and Dad let me put it there I have no idea. Anyway, my Aunt Margaret use the bathroom and the door opens, shuts then we hear a scream! She thought there was someone there watching her! too funny. I had a chuckle when I thought of that the other day. She passed away a few years ago and I wondered, if there is a heaven where everyone hangs out int the afterlife, have they met?


Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Scrappy giveaway!!

Go over to lifeaslou.blogsome.com and check out the incredible Cosmo Cricket giveaway she is hosting.. hurry though! It is only open until Jan 2! While you are there check out the terrific Christmas book she has put together.. It is GO-JUS!
BTW- I started a new blog over at wordpress. It is a reading challenge blog.. I am challenging myself to read at least 1 book a week and post about it when I am done. I read so much and have no idea what books I have already experienced so I figured what better way to keep track!! Come join me! Jan's Reading Blog and if anyone can come up with a great idea for a blog header I would love to hear it!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

ANOTHER great book giveaway!

I do believe I should create a new blog about book giveaways!
I wish could giveaway stuff myself but I hoard my books like gold! lol
If you check out Bittenbybooks.com they are having a giveaway of 15 copies of Jeanine Frost "At Grave's End" ARCs. can't wait to read this one! That Bones is just.. yummy!

Monday, December 01, 2008

another one!! Twilight giveaway this time!

Let me start by saying I LOVE the books!! I saw the movie last Monday.. I will give no review or spoilers (no spoilers because if you read the book, you know what happens and if you didn't read the book you probably wouldn't like the movie or care about it anyway, right? ) anyway, saw it and am planning on rereading the books soon..
Great news! The Twilight box set is being given away on Bitten By Books! Go check it out! The contest is open til Dec. 7th to US residents only.. sorry!

love Kelley Armstrong as much as I do? A giveaway!

Kelley Armstrong readers have I found a giveaway for you!

Amberkatze's blog has a terrific interview with KA herself with a chance to win a KA book of your choice!
How sweet is that? Go check it out! If you already have all the KA books you could always give the book to me! It is the holiday season after all! The season to give!! *wink*

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Got Vintage? gorgeous giveaway on another blog! check it out!

I was browsing through my blog list today and came across a giveaway! You know how much I ADORE vintage stuff!
Here is the blog address! Go check it out! This Everyday Life Can't you picture that vase set on my mantle? I can!
BTW- I am at Moms on my old laptop.. a few keys don't work anymore so apologies ahead of time for typos!

Friday, September 26, 2008

bitter travel tip

Hi all.. sorry to write this on a happy?? blog but I am beyond pissed right now and need to get this off my chest..
As some of you know I went away to Arizona a few weeks ago and was on my way to Roncari parking to leave my car for the week. That is where I usually go but it was so early I saw another place and went there instead.. I went to Fasttrack parking on Ella Grasso turnpike. I got there and had change for tolls and other incidentals in a side drawer in my dashboard. I know better I just didn't think to take it out.. (If you are a reader and like mysteries like I do I am sure you know where this is going..) I got back tired, happy and thirsty..(there is a 24 hour McD's across the street I hit up for a diet coke every time I come home) I opened my drawer and EVERY quarter was gone.. They didn't bother with the pennies, nickels or dimes but EVERY SINGLE quarter was gone! I hadn't started my car yet so I went back in and told the woman that #1 I take responsibility because I know better than to leave things like that in my car. I took out all the other things.. cds, flashlight even the blanket in the back seat!
So anyway #1- my fault #2 I don't want to make a thing about it since it is my fault I just wanted them to be aware and the woman looked pissed! She said there had been a problem for the last 2 weeks and they can't figure out who it is.. She asked me to fill out a report and I said no since I didn't want reimbusrsement.. it WAS my fault (I know I keep saying that.. I just want you to KNOW I KNOW lol) She asked me to fill it out in order to help them catch the guy.. I agreed and signed my name to a statement. She told me someone would call me the next day.. No one called but I didn't think much of it.. I was beat and rested the entire day trying to recover from such a great trip and begining to not feel good ( now I know I either have an ulcer or gall stones.. blech..) Anyway, all was forgotten since I hadn't wanted to make a thing of it anyway .. until today..
I got a letter from Fasttrack saying that they thank me for my business and nice try but I won't be getting $20 out of them ($20 was the minimum of .25 that were there ) The entire letter was rather blah and we told you not to leave things there then not a biggie.. I KNOW that! The thing that got me so riled was 1 line of highlighted text in the middle that says (and I quote) "We have a contract. YOU signed it. READ IT It;s not OUR fault."
Seriously? Snarky or what? SO pissed off and now my ulcer (or whatever) hurts even more! lol I think I need another vacation! Of course I wil ask for a ride to the airport next time!
If you are still with me.. thanks for being my friend and listening..

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Creative Escape.. leaving in 3 days! YIKES!

I haven't done a thing to get ready! (except for my hair!) It is such a busy time for me and I am shutting down! I *need* to do laundry, pack my supplies and clothes and get all the little stuff together.. including getting a fish sitter..
I am finishing up the little stuff tonight while watching Nascar in California (a night race, Tony is 10th right now.. 100 laps to go..) Then tomorrow I do laundry and pack and get my PT INR checked to make sure I won't bleed to death or clot on my trip (nice thought huh? welcome to my life!) Tuesday I get my pink retouched, go to the clinic to pick up my meds and finish with the little stuff.
I am looking forward to my trip but it is stressful. I get to the point where I think "why am I doing this" silly I know. It may truly be my last vacation of this type for a long long time.
More big news. I got an apartment. I get the keys on the 15th (well, the 16th. the 15th I am having another tooth pulled! GRRR kids- take care of your teeth like you should! If you need to know why call, I'll tell you ALL the gory deets!)
So, the apartment.. because I am on disability I obviously can't just go for any nice sparkly new apartment. I can't afford the rent never mind have lights and heat too! The solution? Disability/Elderly housing. Am I excited? Kind of. I do wish my life were different but it's not. I need to make the best out of it. This is affordable , clean and warm. I shouldn't ask for anything else.
It is actually nice. The one down side is the smoky smell in the hallways. yuck.. The smell is in the apartment as well but I was promised it will be cleaned and the smell taken care of.
I need to get a doctors note to keep my cat though! lol I have to prove my quality of life will be less if I gave him up.. well duh! lol This of you that know me know I have 2 cats.. SHHH! I always have been a rule breaker!
So anyway, that is a small portion of what is going on with me.. can you blame me for shutting down? I have so much to do and am finding it hard to do any of it. I am just overwhelmed.. It will all turn out fine though. I know that but if you want to pray for me I won't refuse!
I will be back next Sunday (the night of True Blood premiere on HBO! YAY!!) I will be sure to post about my vacation and the projects I did next week! I got a new camera so I can even post good pics!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Creative Escape 2008 and pink hair?!

I did it! I got my hair cut and highlights for my CE trip.. what else? I got pink hair! Yes I did! I turned 34 today and figured I am not getting any younger so go for it! Please excuse the horrible mess behind me. It has been a busy (and messy) week here! I just wanted to post a few pics.. I will write later!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

amazing new class! Memories Under Glass!

You guys have got to check out this new class from Scrap n Crop called Memories Under Glass.. You can check it out Here They are giving away a free class seat if you post a comment on the blog by August 7th! Hurry!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Getting on board with the Life thing..

It is hot.. It could get up to 96 today! I have had my air conditioner in my bedroom on for 2 days straight! I went outside to uncover the ac in Moms bedroom and turned it on today (note to self.. need ac filters for both our bedroom ac's) I just have to put the extra one in my office window. That is the only one we take out during the winter.
Anyway, onto good stuff. Once the ac's are all on and cold I am going t do a "clean Sweep" in here. I started in my bedroom already when I got my fish tank (I got a fish tank for the first time in YEARS last week. I got Molly fish.. 1 died the night she came home. I don't think it was my fault! It happened too fast..) I threw out paper, stickers, old letters, hair ties.. anything that was too gross or ripped to sell went in the trash.. The same is going to happen in my office..I get so many scrapbook kits each month that I am saving the bagged kits and am being super ruthless with the rest! Obviously I don't want to fill the landfills with good stuff so I will try to salvage some stuff to give away or sell but so much of it was tossed mindlessly and is now ripped or bent.. I wish I had kept better care of my stuff from the start. Then I wouldn't have to do this super sweep every other year! I think I am a mini hoarder.. It isn't piled up to the ceiling but it is alot o stuff. I didn't need it. It was just pretty.. or even just there..
I have also taken a class with my Aunt Joni at AC Moore the other day. We took a One Stroke painting class. It was fun. I now know how to make rose buds and leaves! lol I think I am going to take her to another one this month. There are 2 - 1 for Sunflowers and 1 for Daisies.. I think I would rather do Sunflowers.. Then I would think you just shrink it down a bit and get a daisy, you think?
THEN, I have to really get going on my swaps for Creative Escape coming up in September. The swaps are due in about a month. I took charms, 8X8 double pages, playing cards, paint can swap and... I think that might be it! lol Anyway, I have 1 set of 8X8 pages (I signed up for 2 sets) done and most of my charms. I guess that means I need to get off the computer huh? lol Okay, here I go.. wish me luck! lol