Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My goodies from the 5 scrapbook store trip. The pictures were loaded backwards. The bag is the picture of the goodie bag from NESB in the morning. Then the rest of the pictures are all the goods from the separate store. I spent alot of money but mostly because I bought a few packages of Technique Tuesday stamps. I am not a huge fan of acrylics but I really love the images! I Was looking for a 6X6 acrylic stamp block for the Fancy Pants stamps I bought a few weeks ago. They are so big they don't fit on my blocks! I finished the layouts from the store make and takes last night. I will post those soon along with a few things I have done lately.
I hope to see you all on the net trip!

Bad Blogger.. My scrapbook shopping trip..

I forgot to ask her name though.. I was having so much fun it never crossed my mind! Ya know how you meet someone and get into a conversation and it is like you have known them forever.. That is the way it was so I never thought to ask her nme. I did sneak next door to Beautiful Impressions a stamp store. I bought a few thins there and then we were on our way to the last store. Wiggles & Giggles in Rocky Hill. They were in a different smaller place the last time I was there. We ate dinner there. Lasagna. I couldn't eat it because there were onions in the sauce. Onions give me migraines. I already had a migraine the day before and it was still hanging around that day so I had to pass. I did have a great roll though. It was really good and I forgot to ask where they got it. I bought a few things there but most of the products they carry I either already ad or wasn't my style. They do have a much nicer store front though.
The end of the day! Back to NESB! It was 7:30 already and I was dead tired! We went in for the drawing of the Grand Prize! I didn't win but the gal who did was lucky! It was a bag full of stuff! Tools and embellishments and a glass cutting mat.. really great stuff! and there was coffee and those great little frozen mini eclairs.. yummy! I had to rush home and put some on the PeaPod list! lol So, that was my day.. I am sure I can think of more but this is so long I will leave it at that. I will post the pictures in a new post so I don't lost this one. That would suck.. Just to let you know, they are planning to do another trip in the fall so be ready!