Friday, September 26, 2008

bitter travel tip

Hi all.. sorry to write this on a happy?? blog but I am beyond pissed right now and need to get this off my chest..
As some of you know I went away to Arizona a few weeks ago and was on my way to Roncari parking to leave my car for the week. That is where I usually go but it was so early I saw another place and went there instead.. I went to Fasttrack parking on Ella Grasso turnpike. I got there and had change for tolls and other incidentals in a side drawer in my dashboard. I know better I just didn't think to take it out.. (If you are a reader and like mysteries like I do I am sure you know where this is going..) I got back tired, happy and thirsty..(there is a 24 hour McD's across the street I hit up for a diet coke every time I come home) I opened my drawer and EVERY quarter was gone.. They didn't bother with the pennies, nickels or dimes but EVERY SINGLE quarter was gone! I hadn't started my car yet so I went back in and told the woman that #1 I take responsibility because I know better than to leave things like that in my car. I took out all the other things.. cds, flashlight even the blanket in the back seat!
So anyway #1- my fault #2 I don't want to make a thing about it since it is my fault I just wanted them to be aware and the woman looked pissed! She said there had been a problem for the last 2 weeks and they can't figure out who it is.. She asked me to fill out a report and I said no since I didn't want reimbusrsement.. it WAS my fault (I know I keep saying that.. I just want you to KNOW I KNOW lol) She asked me to fill it out in order to help them catch the guy.. I agreed and signed my name to a statement. She told me someone would call me the next day.. No one called but I didn't think much of it.. I was beat and rested the entire day trying to recover from such a great trip and begining to not feel good ( now I know I either have an ulcer or gall stones.. blech..) Anyway, all was forgotten since I hadn't wanted to make a thing of it anyway .. until today..
I got a letter from Fasttrack saying that they thank me for my business and nice try but I won't be getting $20 out of them ($20 was the minimum of .25 that were there ) The entire letter was rather blah and we told you not to leave things there then not a biggie.. I KNOW that! The thing that got me so riled was 1 line of highlighted text in the middle that says (and I quote) "We have a contract. YOU signed it. READ IT It;s not OUR fault."
Seriously? Snarky or what? SO pissed off and now my ulcer (or whatever) hurts even more! lol I think I need another vacation! Of course I wil ask for a ride to the airport next time!
If you are still with me.. thanks for being my friend and listening..