Sunday, August 31, 2008

Creative Escape.. leaving in 3 days! YIKES!

I haven't done a thing to get ready! (except for my hair!) It is such a busy time for me and I am shutting down! I *need* to do laundry, pack my supplies and clothes and get all the little stuff together.. including getting a fish sitter..
I am finishing up the little stuff tonight while watching Nascar in California (a night race, Tony is 10th right now.. 100 laps to go..) Then tomorrow I do laundry and pack and get my PT INR checked to make sure I won't bleed to death or clot on my trip (nice thought huh? welcome to my life!) Tuesday I get my pink retouched, go to the clinic to pick up my meds and finish with the little stuff.
I am looking forward to my trip but it is stressful. I get to the point where I think "why am I doing this" silly I know. It may truly be my last vacation of this type for a long long time.
More big news. I got an apartment. I get the keys on the 15th (well, the 16th. the 15th I am having another tooth pulled! GRRR kids- take care of your teeth like you should! If you need to know why call, I'll tell you ALL the gory deets!)
So, the apartment.. because I am on disability I obviously can't just go for any nice sparkly new apartment. I can't afford the rent never mind have lights and heat too! The solution? Disability/Elderly housing. Am I excited? Kind of. I do wish my life were different but it's not. I need to make the best out of it. This is affordable , clean and warm. I shouldn't ask for anything else.
It is actually nice. The one down side is the smoky smell in the hallways. yuck.. The smell is in the apartment as well but I was promised it will be cleaned and the smell taken care of.
I need to get a doctors note to keep my cat though! lol I have to prove my quality of life will be less if I gave him up.. well duh! lol This of you that know me know I have 2 cats.. SHHH! I always have been a rule breaker!
So anyway, that is a small portion of what is going on with me.. can you blame me for shutting down? I have so much to do and am finding it hard to do any of it. I am just overwhelmed.. It will all turn out fine though. I know that but if you want to pray for me I won't refuse!
I will be back next Sunday (the night of True Blood premiere on HBO! YAY!!) I will be sure to post about my vacation and the projects I did next week! I got a new camera so I can even post good pics!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Creative Escape 2008 and pink hair?!

I did it! I got my hair cut and highlights for my CE trip.. what else? I got pink hair! Yes I did! I turned 34 today and figured I am not getting any younger so go for it! Please excuse the horrible mess behind me. It has been a busy (and messy) week here! I just wanted to post a few pics.. I will write later!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

amazing new class! Memories Under Glass!

You guys have got to check out this new class from Scrap n Crop called Memories Under Glass.. You can check it out Here They are giving away a free class seat if you post a comment on the blog by August 7th! Hurry!