Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Welcome to my world!

Hi! I am jumping on the stamp blog bandwagon.. I have had a rough month and I figured this would be a great way to get rid of some tension, let off some steam and maybe even share some of my art. I have a craft show coming up on Dec. 2nd so I will have much to share!
I am finding it hard to get going though. My Mom had a stroke 2 weeks ago so my time and energy is spent worrying and driving to the rehab she is in. I called her today and she was so happy. She walked today for the first time. She has been haunted by a set of stairs that is in the therapy room. She finally got them to let her try today and she did it!! I am so happy for her but also worried. The plan was to work on her sitting and standing up straight. She leans to the left really bad so if they "teach" her to walk now she will walk hunched to the left. We don't want that but right now she doesn't care she just wants to walk. I don't blame her. This must be a horrible nightmare that she can't wake up from. I know that when I was in the hospital I wanted nothing but my own bed but at least I could take a walk. She is stranded wherever they put her. When I talked to her at 12:45 she was still in a wheelchair since 6:30 this morning. Depending on someone is okay sometimes if you don't have to. Being without choice is not so nice. If you are of the praying kins please include her in your list. Prayer is the most powerful medicine in the universe.
Onto other stuff.. I got a new Stampin Up order today. I sliced the tape open, put it on a chair, walked away for one moment and now there is a sleeping cat on the box! I guess I won't be playing with any new stamps for awhile!
I have been a Stampin' Up! Demo for about a year and a half. I mostly do it as a hobby but if anyone wants to have a party just let me know! lol
I will be putting pictures of a few lunch tins I did for a swap this week so keep an eye out! They make great gifts!!
Oh! The cat just got down! I have to go check out my new rubbah!! see ya later!