Wednesday, April 11, 2007

AMM templates and storeage.. way cool!

I got the coolest little storage thingy last week. It is called the AMM Stack'em Rack. It is a little rack that you can get tins to keep anything smallish in. I have so much smallish crap here I can't find any of it! This does just the trick! I got a few of the empty tins and the brad template. The brad template is my favorite! It is a series of thin plastic templates in different shapes and waves.. it also has a very sharp piercing tool. I got mine from My Scrapbook Nook They seem to be out of the brad templates right now though. You can do a Google search for them or check your LSS. I used the brad template for a layout I did last night. I will post it later on.. Let me know what you did with yours!