Monday, June 09, 2008

Getting on board with the Life thing..

It is hot.. It could get up to 96 today! I have had my air conditioner in my bedroom on for 2 days straight! I went outside to uncover the ac in Moms bedroom and turned it on today (note to self.. need ac filters for both our bedroom ac's) I just have to put the extra one in my office window. That is the only one we take out during the winter.
Anyway, onto good stuff. Once the ac's are all on and cold I am going t do a "clean Sweep" in here. I started in my bedroom already when I got my fish tank (I got a fish tank for the first time in YEARS last week. I got Molly fish.. 1 died the night she came home. I don't think it was my fault! It happened too fast..) I threw out paper, stickers, old letters, hair ties.. anything that was too gross or ripped to sell went in the trash.. The same is going to happen in my office..I get so many scrapbook kits each month that I am saving the bagged kits and am being super ruthless with the rest! Obviously I don't want to fill the landfills with good stuff so I will try to salvage some stuff to give away or sell but so much of it was tossed mindlessly and is now ripped or bent.. I wish I had kept better care of my stuff from the start. Then I wouldn't have to do this super sweep every other year! I think I am a mini hoarder.. It isn't piled up to the ceiling but it is alot o stuff. I didn't need it. It was just pretty.. or even just there..
I have also taken a class with my Aunt Joni at AC Moore the other day. We took a One Stroke painting class. It was fun. I now know how to make rose buds and leaves! lol I think I am going to take her to another one this month. There are 2 - 1 for Sunflowers and 1 for Daisies.. I think I would rather do Sunflowers.. Then I would think you just shrink it down a bit and get a daisy, you think?
THEN, I have to really get going on my swaps for Creative Escape coming up in September. The swaps are due in about a month. I took charms, 8X8 double pages, playing cards, paint can swap and... I think that might be it! lol Anyway, I have 1 set of 8X8 pages (I signed up for 2 sets) done and most of my charms. I guess that means I need to get off the computer huh? lol Okay, here I go.. wish me luck! lol