Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My guys

My guys are so stinkin' cute! They love to be in the downstairs bathroom. I guess it is the warmest room in the house and the only one with a comfortable rug in it. I got a few really great pictures of my handsome boys today that I wanted to share. Mishka likes to hide out in boxes and Stewart apparently does not like my new vacuum!
I do have a few cards and other creations to post later I just wanted to share these pics of my wonderful fuzzy guys!
I hope you are having a terrific day! I am! I went to Sears for new glasses last week and they are ready to be picked up! I don't normally get this excited about glasses but for some reason I am really thrilled about these! I plan to pick them up tomorrow morning after my trip to the scrapbook store! Tomorrow is the big registration day! Five stores in CT planned a scrapbook store tour. They each rented a bus and you go from store to store to shop, snack and just have a terrific time! At the first store you get a scrapbook album and do your first few layouts to commemorate your trip. At the next store you do a few more and so on and so on.. At the end of the day you have a completed album, new friends, new bags of much needed scrapbook supplies to sneak in your home and much less money than you had at the start of the day!
Anyway, registration begins at 10AM tomorrow and I have a feeling I won't be able to get through on the phone so I am going to drive there. I hope I get up in time! YIKES! Then I can go get my glasses and head to the hardware store to see what supplies I need to hang my new Pottery Barn shelves. I didn't see that they were recommended for every type of wall besides plaster! UGH.. Oh well, luckily the hardware store is owned by my family so I can go in for advice and hopefully leave with someone to come hang them for me! *wink*
I thank anyone who is still reading this! I can get very long winded if you haven't noticed by now! Go have yourself a fabulous day!

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