Saturday, December 30, 2006

1 more day till 2007!

I am excited! I am happy to get a new start. I have a few things on my new year to do list. I got 2 great gifts for Christmas. I received a journal and a Bedtime meditation book. I plan on using both nightly. I have also decided to make tabs for the journal so I can section it off. I want a To Do section and a section for the other plan I have.. for the month of January I am going to do a photo a day challenge. I am excited for this. I don't know what I want to focus on though. I either want to do just random photos like pic up my camera when I think of it or I could decide on a time. example. every day at 5PM I will take a photo of what ever I am doing or focusing on at that time. The other idea I have is a theme. Whether it be nature or buildings or whatever.. I only have 1 day to decide! It should go on my to do list! to do #1.. decide!
I also want to get at least 1 project done a week. I have a ton of lunch tins and photo frames to alter.. I want to be prepared when it comes to craft fair time next year.
So, that is what I have been focusing on today.. I normally try to do just 1 day at a time but today is special.. the end of the year always seems like the end of a chapter and the beginning of the rest of my life.
And now speaking of a to do list.. I need to go put clothes in the dryer!! Have a good night!

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