Saturday, March 15, 2008

Creative Escape! why do I think I am so ambitious?!

I am headed to Creative Escape in September.. Great! I can't wait for the event! Can't wait to see Heidi again, meet Tim Holtz, Kolette Hall and her husband (great inspirations! both of them!), Jenni Bowlin.. a few others.. all of them I am dying to meet!! I can't wait to see the project classes they come up with! Especially the winner of the CE teacher spot! Jessica Guthrie. She runs a great store Kits2remember I bought my Bind It All from her with a few acrylic pieces for some mini books (that I haven't made yet! lol)
ANYWAY, the reason for this rant.. There are still a few months left BUT... why do I think I am so ambitious? I signed up for every single swap, project, event associated with the CE event! lol I signed up for the bracelet charm swap.. I have done a few before and I love to show off my awesome piece of wearable artwork! I get tons of compliments on my Christmas and Valentine ones! THEN I signed up for the 8X8 page swap.. no biggie, only 10 spaces for each group on that one.. (I took 2 groups) THEN, I signed up for the ATC swap.. THEN I signed up for.. well, you get the idea!! I guess I had better start with some of them now! lol I always say I work best under pressure.. I say that because I always work under pressure! I am such a last minute person that I don't know what working with plenty of time feels like! lol I would like to find out!
Oh well, it will all work out and be tremendous fun in the end! I will let you know how it all works out!
I am going to work on the circle journal I am doing (for CE of course) now.. Having fun with that one!
Wish me luck!