Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bad Broke Blogger!

I know I haven't blogged much.. I have been so busy!
May I vent a bit here? I am BROKE! I had some major dental work done two weeks ago and had to take out a credit to pay for it! The cost was $9500! So, I took out 10,000. I got my upper teeth done all nice and pretty now I NEED a root canal done on a lower tooth! UGH! SO, I needed to ask for another $1000 because a stinkin' root canal will cost $1900! UH.. It is pricey because I go to a sedation dentist. He puts you out and wakes you up when it is all over. I really wouldn't want to have any of it done while awake! Especially the last one. We were able to do it all in one day (4 hours!) instead of coming back over a number of visits because I was put out.
Now, after the 10,000 one I was able to find out what I needed to pay each month and decided I would do double payments each month. Then I figured out how much I had left and I was able t make plans to go to a weekend crop the first weekend in May, get a new laptop (with payments) and buy myself and Mom new dresses for G's Bar Mitzvah. I swear the second I did all that my tooth began to throb! UGH.. it is abscessed and because of what tooth it is of course it will cost more than any other! I am so blessed that I am able to do all of this. I think back a few years to when I would have had to just deal with the pain. I wouldn't have this old laptop, never mind a new one! A new dress? AND able to buy one fr Mom? Forget it! My life has changed for the better and granted I worked hard to change it but I know I didn't do it alone! I had the support and faith of my family and since I am a believer, I had God rooting for me too! I have never been alone! Even when I felt alone I have my cats to remind me! I swear they know when you are ill or down! Sweet boys!
Anyway, That is my money vent for now! At least I am healthy and happy! Even if I can't afford anything unnecessary for the next 30 years! lol I vow to have a good day! It will be in the mid 70's today so I am headed outside to re-pot some plants and clean up the flower garden for planting.. I hope you have a good day too!

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