Friday, August 10, 2007

SU Holiday Mini catalog!!

I got a goodie box from Stampin Up today! I actually haven't opened it yet! I have been trying to stave off a migraine fro a few days now so I laid down for a "few minutes" this afternoon... SIX HOURS LATER! I woke up..
I am about to break into that box to peek though.. Maybe even mount a few sets from the Holiday mini.. what? How can I do that so late at night? Why the answer is simple... the mini sets are all DIE CUT from now on! Only the minis though.. Still hoping for the main catalog one of these days but for now I don't mind cutting stamps.. it is part of my process I guess but I do like the break! lol
You can order from the mini (and see it online if you don't have a hard copy) from Sept. 1-Nov. 30 Email me if you want one.

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